Why choose APM for Property Management?

We have a genuine passion for bringing landlords and tenants together through property and our staff are all highly experienced and deliver exceptional service.

We know that investors expect the very best financial return possible and we invest in systems and resources to make this happen.

Our vacancy rates are continually below the industry average and we lease properties faster than the competition (we measure this weekly).

The are some of the difference’s you’ll see when APM property manage your property

  1. Dedicated property managers, looking after every facet of your management and the contact point for everything relating to your property
  2. Service level guarantees that are met and monitored to deliver top service
  3. Experienced and trained staff, right through the team, so you know they are making the right decisions and maximising your investment return
  4. On-staff relief property managers to ensure there’s never a day your property isn’t in the best hands
  5. Fast leasing outcomes which consistently beat the industry average
  6. Thorough tenant screening for every tenant application, including reference checking on national databases
  7. Zero tolerance to rental arrears with established systems to follow up unpaid rent immediately
  8. Professional, yet cost-effective marketing to rent your property faster
  9. High rates of success for the landlord at the Residential Tenancies Tribunal in the small percentage of cases when the tenancy doesn’t run smoothly